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Choir/Music Ministry

The purpose of the choir is to minister in song and assist in setting the tone of the service.  Individuals must be committed to devoting time and effort to not only attending rehearsal to learn the songs and attend services; they must also devote time to learning the Word of God.  It is mandatory for choir members to attend at least two (2) Christian education/Biblestudy sessions every month. (Praise Team) – A small group with the specific purpose of leading the congregation in Praise and Worship.




Individuals chosen to assist in the ministry of the church.  These individuals are expected to be at all services, assist the pastor as needed and ensure that the church is prepared for service.  They must have a heart for God and to serve.  Attendance at Biblestudy and Christian Education classes are mandatory. In order to become a deacon, a person must go through a process and prove themselves to be worthy of this position. (Acts 6:1-3, 1Timothy 3:8-13)


Youth Ministry/Youth Choir

This ministry caters to the needs of our members ages 21 and under.  Some of the activities include but are not limited to monthly group discussions, plays, arts and crafts, special participation in some worship services and some outings to special events.


Greeters are often the first people members and visitors meet when they enter in to St. John.  Greeters are to have a welcoming and inviting spirit.

Mothers’ Board

Women of wisdom that are ready to offer sound godly advise and to be a christian example to the rest of the congregation.   

Men’s Ministry

This ministry is designed to help the men of God build each other up and grow in God together.  

Women's Ministry

The women's ministry is designed to help the women of God build each other up and grow in God together. We have sessions to meet every woman's needs.

Usher’s Board

The Usher’s board is designed to assist with keeping order during the service.  It is their duty to limit unnecessary walking and disturbances during the service.  

Inreach/Outreach Ministry

This specific group of people dedicate time and effort into building the membership of St. John by making specials efforts to reach out to the community and other.  They also reach out to current members especially those that have been in a non-attendance status (i.e. sick, shut-in, incarcerated, or those just missing-in-actions). Every member should play a part in in-reach and outreach.

Pastor’s Aide

The primary purpose of the Pastor’s Aide committee is to see to the needs of the pastor.  This group also takes the lead on various other events to assist in the pastor’s goals being met.  Individuals wishing to participate on this committee must be able to attend monthly meetings and work on special projects throughout the year.  

Nurse’s Board

The Nurses’ board is to assist in the event members become ill including have a basic first aid kit available. This group also prepares the pulpit area for the pastor.

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