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Protective Preacher

Loves and cares about the well-being of this congregation and the surrounding community.  He loves to lift us up to the Lord in worship.  Your protective watch-care has insulated us from the abusive tactics of Satan.


Attentive Administrator

He's always observant and listens carefully as people speak and hears the words they don't speak!  He loves to emphasize fellowship and teamwork.


Sacrificial Servant

Pastor gives so freely of his time, talents and money.  He addresses the needs of the down-and-out and the up-and-out. He encourages the lonely and comforts the discouraged.


Tender Teacher

He happily accepts the calling on his life and allows God to speak through him so that he can minister to the needy and everyone he comes in contact with!  He loves to see children and youth nurtured in the love of the Lord.  Your nurturing spirit has guided us in demonstrating discipleship maturity.


Obedient Organizer

Pastor has submitted his life to the highest calling and keeps it together with the help of his loving and talented wife (his good thing, Proverbs 18:22).  He loves to preach truth that transform lives. Your compassion has inspired us to a deeper active concern for the unchurched.


Reflective Representative

He is the most thoughtful person we know.  He considers the feelings of his family and members.  Pastor's characteristics are symbolic of his love for Christ!  He stresses the blessing of stewardship.  Your modeling has illustrated the influence of a life of integrity and compassion.

Our Pastor

Rev. Joseph D. Williams, Pastor

Joseph D. Williams was born on July 18, 1967 to Arthur and Jimmiezine Williams in Chicago, Illinois.  He is the second oldest of four siblings.  Joseph grew up in the Englewood community. He was educated in the Chicago Public School system attending Copernicus Elementary School and Dunbar Vocation High School. He has been employed by the United States Postal Service for over 20 years.


As a child, Joseph accepted Christ and was baptized at the Community Faith M.B. Church under the leadership of Pastor Hallman.  At the age of 15, Joseph joined St. John Evangelist M.B. Church under the leadership of Pastor Joseph McGuire and Pastor Emeritus Robert Burrell.  During his time here, he has served in many capacities including choir member, percussionist, Sunday school teacher, Dean of Education, and Deacon.


In 1995, Joseph received and accepted his calling into the ministry at St. John while under the leadership of Pastor Charlie C. Hatter.  In 2003, he was ordained by the late Pastor Joseph L. Evans at Christian Temple M.B. Church.  In 2005, Rev. Williams joined the Centennial M.B. Church under the leadership of Pastor J.D. Anderson.


In February 2006, Rev. Williams began to serve as interim pastor of St. John Evangelist M.B. Church.  As God would have it, Rev. Williams was asked by the St. John family to accept the position of Pastor in January 2007.  Pastor Williams is honored and feels truly blessed that God has allowed him this opportunity to serve in a place that is home to him.


Pastor Williams is a spirit-filled believer who loves the LORD and believes that the church’s ministry is personal in nature and becomes profoundly meaningful when we bring people into our heads, hearts and our homes!  Under Pastor Williams’ leadership, St. John has experienced tremendous growth spiritually and in our membership.  Christian education is emphasized more than ever.


We are also excited about the physical building God is doing at St. John. Pastor Williams is dedicated to making our facilities comfortable and welcoming for our members and visitors. Every year we see God’s handwork in building this temple and give all credit to Him for using Pastor Williams and we are thankful to Pastor Williams for allowing God to use him.


We also give thanks to God for Pastor Williams’ wife, Tonia and their two handsome sons, Joseph Jawon and Arthur Jordan.  As a family, they have supported him and worked in the up building of this ministry.

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